Sunday, 3 February 2013

make my life like diamond (╥﹏╥)

hey guys 

the first thing that i want to you know is you is my heatbeat ever. INSYAALLAH. i just want you to know that i miss u badly. when i sleep i always dream u have at my side. i kiss me. u hug me. hurm. please i want the old relay sayang. not like this. i want smile, happy, sad and all with u. please. i want u always with me. i nak jahat and baik kita tetap same-2. i know byak sngt orng skitkan hati awak. but truely, i dont mean make we over we're relationship. and i hope one day we will be like husband and wife. and we got the child. the cutest baby. their face are mix u and me. ohhsem sayang. wahh. bestnyee. just awak ade kat hati orng. walaupon awak slalu tuduh orng bkan-2. tapi kenyataan yg ada dihati ni cuma awak dan just awak. susah senang byak kite tempoh. i hope u patience to handle our relay ok sayang. i love u. please always be mine forever and ever. AAMIIN