Tuesday, 19 February 2013

2 MONTHS ♥‿♥

hey hey. hari ni genap 2 bulan couple dengan si 'HEARTBEAT'. YA ALLAH, sekajap je mase tuh berlalu. truely rindukan masa-masa bersama dengan dia. dah 9 hari x jumpe. huaa. i miss my boyfriend badly. i hope our relay can stay like this until i die. and i hope that. :) he text me and wish this anniversary. ouh. so sweet sayang. i want u to know that i want you and always want u in my life. u are my shine. please dont go far away from me. coz i need my shine to make my life colourful like as rainbow in the sky. owhhh. soooooo jiwang. but never mind. most important i love and need and miss my dear MOHAMMAD SAIFUL BAHARI. mintak-mintak laa dpt jumpe secepat mungkin. 


xoxo byebye :D