Monday, 18 March 2013


17/3 this is my day. my date when i birth in the day. 1st i want say thankz at my mom coz she's care about my life when i born until now. and not forget my dad too. i love u too. sorry coz i make mistake and make u sad.. :( INSYAALLAH i will do the best for you parents. AMIN. 

this cake from my elder sister. :) 

this all from my dear sweetheart :)


heartbeat : thankz for all my dear. i'm very appricate all what you do to me. swear, x sngke yg awak bersusah mcm ni untuk orang. love you sayang. muahhhh. :* 

OMGGGGGG!!! SPM result 21/3. i'm very scary. :( pray for me all. wish me luck. XOXO. k bye. :)