Friday, 13 June 2014


Sekarang jam menunjukkan 3.30 am. And skrng tgah musim fifa world cup but i'm not interest to whatching it ok. Mslah ye skrng, mate ni x nak tido. Otak melayang entah kemane. Hurm. Memandangkan mmg dh x tau nak buat ape, ok now i wanna share my life now. So far Alhamdulillah. People around me always make me happy. Dgn kesayangan mcm mane? Alhamdulillah dgn izin Allah kami masih bersama wlaupon ade jee spoil yg x kene. Tapi biase laa gado manjekan. Hehe. Family? Owhhh. Lagi lagi lagi ok. Alhamdulillah no problem. Heheh. Friend? And more more more okay!!! Lgi2 ngan mrs.young. Their are alwayssle me happy, people always on my side after family and love. I'm so lucky to have them. Whos my mrs young?? 

Ok this is my mes young yg annoying yg mengade yg slalu buat happy and wht laa. I always miss you girl. Thankz for being my friend and terima kasi susah buruk baik aku yg x brape nak baik ni. Hurm. I always pray that our relay cn break when i die only. Hehehe. Insyaallah. Hope our friendship long lasting bebeh. Much love my mrs.young πŸ’‹πŸ‘­